House honors State Highway Patrol

May 26, 2018


State budget takes shape

It’s amazing what fiscal responsibility gets you.

While more than half of states are facing budget shortfalls this year, North Carolina has a surplus of more than $350 million. We got that surplus by cutting taxes, cutting regulations and letting people work freely together in a more open marketplace.

Make no mistake: Gov. Roy Cooper and Democrats in the General Assembly are vetoing and voting against bills that enable state budget surpluses under Republican leadership year after year. This year’s budget will include more teacher raises, substantial raises for state employees, school safety expenditures and more — all while not increasing taxes.

I expect legislative Democrats to vigorously fight these policies that are plainly working, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gov. Cooper vetoes more teacher raises like he did last year.

They’re stuck in the good ole boy days of the past when results didn’t matter and more spending was always better. We’re moving our state forward by respecting the taxpayer and rewarding government only where government works.

The House will begin debating the budget next week.

House honors State Highway Patrol

More than 60 State Highway Patrolmen have lost their lives in the line of duty, including Trooper Samuel N. Bullard, who died on May 21, 2018.

Trooper Bullard died in a vehicle collision while on a pursuit in Yadkin County. He was engaged and planned to get married in August. He was only 24 years old.

Our State Highway Patrolmen are charged with monitoring more than 78,000 miles of highway in North Carolina. Their hard work, dedication and the risks they take everyday deserve our respect and gratitude.

The proposed state budget would provide an average eight percent raise for State Highway Patrolmen. They deserve more, but an eight percent raise is a good start.

State Troopers stand in the House of Representatives gallery on Thursday.

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