House proposes Voter ID Constitutional Amemendment

June 8, 2018


House introduces Voter ID Bill

Along with House Speaker Tim Moore, I sponsored and introduced a bill on Thursday entitled Const. Amendment — Require Photo ID to Vote.

House Bill 1092, if passed into law, would give North Carolina voters an opportunity in the general election this November to require voter ID in our state’s constitution. Under the bill, voters would vote for or against adding the following language to Article VI, Section 2 of the North Carolina constitution:

(4) Photo identification for voting in person. Every person offering to vote in person shall present photo identification before voting in the manner prescribed by law.

There is strong, consistent support for voter ID in North Carolina and the United States.

Opponents of voter ID want to deny the mechanism needed to prove voter fraud and then turn around and say there is no proof of voter fraud.

Current law does little to detect and prevent voter impersonation. We should do all that we can to ensure the security of our elections process.

Whenever the General Assembly brings up voter ID, like clockwork, the media and special interest groups trot out something like:

Federal courts accused the legislature of targeting minorities to suppress their vote.

A strong majority of all communities support Voter ID laws. Why would a majority of the minority community support a law that would suppress their own votes?

This is an ugly, unfortunate and outright false political narrative that is out of sync with the opinions of an overwhelming majority of citizens. The U.S. District Court issued a 485-page opinion explaining that the General Assembly did NOT discriminate based on race.

A state constitutional amendment gives voters the chance to decide on such an important issue with so much strong support among citizens. The state constitution protects our fundamental rights, among them the right to vote, so there is no more appropriate place.

There will undoubtedly be an onslaught of half truths and whole lies from the media and special interest groups as we debate the voter ID bill. I would encourage everyone to look deeper into any sources used by these groups.

More often than not, their interpretations of data sources are deeply infused with their own biases.

It is a great honor and a privilege to sponsor the voter ID constitutional amendment bill. It is my hope that the bill will become law, and the voters of North Carolina will be given a chance to protect the sanctity of the ballot box this November.

One comment on “House proposes Voter ID Constitutional Amemendment

  1. September 10, 2018 Kimberly Cartrett

    Thank you so much for this! I strongly believe every single person that votes, should have to present with an ID, for their vote to count.


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