Special Session addresses amendment politicization

July 23, 2018

General Assembly calls Special Session

Three-fifths of members of the House and Senate have requested the House and Senate convene for a Special Session.

The session will convene on July 24 at noon to address concerns related to ballot language for proposed constitutional amendments. According to House Rules Chair Rep. David Lewis, the commission responsible for setting ballot language has opened itself up to pressure from politically-motivated groups.

The Constitutional Amendments Publication Commission (CAPC) is comprised of three members: N.C. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall (chair), N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein and Legislative Services Officer of the N.C. General Assembly Paul Coble. The commission is charged with creating ballot captions and descriptions of proposed constitutional amendments.

As stated on the commission’s website, “It is not the role of the CAPC to tell citizens how to vote on an amendment.” Concerns raised by Rep. Lewis show some the process may be falling to pressure to politicize the language.

The General Assembly will meet to determine whether further action is needed to ensure the ballot language reads as it should: short and apolitical.

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